Tooth Extractions

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tooth extractions In Long Island City & Queensboro

If you have a tooth that’s causing you a lot of pain, extraction may be the best way to restore your smile. At BORO Dental Arts, Dr. Adrian Lau will examine your mouth and assess your situation, and decide whether or not an extraction is right for your situation. Contact us now to get started. 

Type of extractions we offer

We offer basic extraction for wisdom teeth and damaged or decayed teeth. Wisdom teeth extractions are very common. The wisdom teeth are our last set of molars, and they grow in around the ages of 17-25. However, lots of people don’t have space in their mouths to fit these new teeth, so they can cause a lot of complications and may need to be extracted.

Extractions for damaged and decayed teeth are also sometimes the best way to resolve severe decay or oral trauma. Pulling your tooth will prevent further pain and complications. At your appointment, Dr. Lau will decide if extraction is necessary, or if your tooth may be able to be saved with other treatments. 

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Signs that you need an extraction

It’s pretty easy to recognize the signs that you need a wisdom tooth extraction. If you feel a lot of pain and discomfort in the back of your mouth, you are noticing inflammation in your rear gums, and feel jaw stiffness or soreness, this may indicate issues with your wisdom teeth. You should see a dentist right away if you’re having trouble opening your mouth.

It can be a bit harder to tell if a damaged tooth requires extraction. Even severely damaged and decayed teeth can be saved with root canals and other advanced treatments at BORO Dental Arts. For this reason, you’ll need to schedule a consultation with Dr. Lau before your tooth can be pulled. She’ll look for signs that your tooth is too damaged to save, and requires extraction.

Do Tooth extractions hurt?

Tooth extractions do not hurt at all. Your mouth will be completely numb throughout the entire procedure, and we use the latest tools and techniques to make it easier for you to get through your procedure. We also offer sedation for oral surgery patients in Long Island City, so you can rest easy and feel more comfortable throughout your procedure.

As your numbing shot and sedation begin to wear off after your appointment you can expect some pain and discomfort. Pain typically peaks and begins to fade within 2-3 days in most cases, and may be accompanied by bleeding, bruising, and swelling.

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aftercare for tooth extractions

Dr. Lau will give you a comprehensive set of instructions to follow as you recover. Your mouth will be mostly healed after 1-2 weeks, and will feel completely normal within 3 weeks. During this time, you will need to eat a diet of mostly soft foods.

You’ll also want to avoid heavy exertion for a few days after your appointment, and you should not spit forcefully or use a straw for at least 24-48 hours or you may get “dry socket,” a painful condition where the blood clot is dislodged from your tooth’s socket as it heals. For more instructions, consult with Dr. Lau after your appointment.

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