Oral Surgery in long island city

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Oral Surgery in long island city

At BORO Dental Arts, our team performs a wide variety of oral surgeries. From dental implants and tooth extractions to bone grafts, we can help! Dr. Adrian Lau is an experienced dentist and can provide you with excellent results. Get started by scheduling a consultation at our office today.

Dental Implants

Are you suffering from tooth loss? We offer comprehensive, end-to-end dental implant services for patients in Long Island City. We can handle the placement and restoration of dental implants, as well as regular dental implant maintenance as part of your routine teeth cleaning and oral exam.

Dental implants are the best way to permanently restore your smile. They are placed directly into your gum and jaw and bond with the tissue to function as artificial roots. We offer both single-tooth implant restorations with dental crowns, and full-arch restorations with implant-supported dentures. To see which treatment option is right for you, schedule an appointment now.

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wisdom Tooth Extractions

Are your wisdom teeth bothering you? Do you want to know if you need to get them removed? Our office has a panoramic x-ray unit that captures a two-dimensional (2-D) image that shows the entire mouth, including the wisdom teeth which do not typically show up in a conventional dental x-ray. From there, the doctor can examine you and give her professional recommendation about your wisdom teeth. Be sure to schedule a wisdom tooth consultation to get started.

Basic tooth Extractions

We extract wisdom teeth, as well as teeth that have been extensively damaged by tooth decay, gum disease, or oral injuries. We perform extractions both in our office in addition to working closely with a number of oral surgery practices both in Manhattan and Queens.

Sometimes, an extraction may be the best way to get you relief from your pain and discomfort and restore your oral health. We also offer a variety of options for restoring missing teeth, such as bridges, dental implants, and partial dentures, so you can restore your smile.

Oral Surgeries

We offer a variety of specialized oral surgeries at BORO Dental Arts. This includes complex occlusion/bite adjustments. If you have a malpositioned bite, it may be necessary to have surgery to correct the position of your jaw. Combined with orthodontics, this ensures a healthy bite and a beautiful smile.

Dr. Lau also offers bone grafting, which is a procedure used to replace and regenerate lost bone, generally prior to dental implants. Often times, this is done at the time of tooth removal. You may need a bone graft if your jaw does not have sufficient bone height or width to support an implant on its own.

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Oral Conscious Sedation

Our goal at BORO Dental Arts is to ensure that all of our patients are safe and comfortable throughout their oral surgeries. That’s why we offer oral conscious sedation. This method of sedation involves simply taking a pill about 1-2 hours before your procedure.

Once you’re sedated, you will feel very groggy and a bit “out of it.” You will likely experience “anterograde amnesia,” and forget most of what happens during your procedure, and some patients even fall asleep during the procedure. However, you will not be unconscious, and you can still wake up and respond to commands. 

If you are nervous about an upcoming dental procedure or if you have a strong gag reflex, oral conscious sedation can help. Contact us now to see if you’re a good candidate for sedation.

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